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While enlisted in the US NAVY I discovered HTML serving aboard the USS Independence (CV-62) retired. In the Navy I was given a chance to creat and maintain several navy websites; these sites are no longer active:

USS Independence (CV-62) retired
The first site I ever created. While serving aboard the USS Independence as a Sailor first, and a JO second (Journalist), I discovered how HTML worked by looking at the source codes of and The I'm not a programer, the web was just getting started in a way that made it simple to understand in 1997. Digital cameras for consumers were hundreds of dollars, the size of a brick and had less quality than a camera phone today. Armed with one of these bricks I set out to capture daily life aboard the Indy and created The Indy Notepad; it quickly became a popular tool for family and friends of the Indy to check in on their Sailor.

Fifth Fleet
While stationed in Bahrain I was allowed to create the Fifth Fleet's first command website.

Comander, Navy Region Northeast
While stationed in Groton, CT at the New London Submarine base within the public affairs department I redesigned and put online a new site for Navy Region Northeast.

Subase Navy New London
While stationed in Groton I also redesigned the website for the Subase.
-- some portions of these site may not work properly yet... they are in the process of being reformatted.
anddddddd these sites were for SCREEN SIZES that were much smaller back then. :)
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