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September 7, 2001 - Crested Butte wakes to a backdrop of snow today. A heavy dusting covered the surrounding peaks and ridges bringing CB its first snow of the season. Click the photo 4 panorama.
Labor Day 2001
Crested Butte wallpaper
- 1024x768 / 'bout a min download. click photo
Got Milk? cows gather for this photo shoot on the way to Tony's Trail. Click photo for pan. the cow pan is 520K / 3 min download on a 28K.
Got Gas? Check out this little pan from the edge of Crested Butte... [312k / aprox. 2 min download on a 28K connection]
Get your 'flower fix' with this virtual tour from the "Wildflower Capital of Colorado"
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Great wallpaper to get you into the CB mood.
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360° look from Teocalli Ridge
- get up there without the bike ride.
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Nina Storey and her band performed in a special addition to the free Alpenglow Concert Series to a "sell-out" crowd. click pan
Children & parents in the three-legged race at the Stepping Stones' 14th Annual Fun Fest. The Fest kicked off Saturday, July 21 with the First Annual "Trot for Tots" - A 5K fun run/walk. Click here for photos
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Gothic @ dusk... great wallpaper for your desktop... [63 sec @ 28K]
CB in a sea of fog
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sunset wallpaper for your desktop

Fat Tire Bike
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