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Fall wallpaper < some fall cb scenes
Crested Butte action
  click me for wallpaperwallpaper with a few cb events highlighted.
Alley Loop
  click me for wallpaperracers in the 42K line up for the start
Praying for snow
click me for wallpaper prayer flags fly in town with Gothic in the background
Looking @ Paradise Divide
  "a mousetrap always provides free cheese." source unknown

Select wallpaper by clicking on photos. A new window will open and the photo will load into it. Then...

Windows Users (Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT)
Follow these instructions: Place your mouse cursor over the image. Click on the right mouse button. A mini menu window will popup Scroll down to and highlight the option [Set As Wallpaper] and then use the left mouse button to click at it once. Your wallpaper is now set on your desktop. If the image does not appear then refresh your desktop

Mac Users (For MAC O/S)
Follow these instructions: Place your mouse cursor over the image. Hold down the mouse button until mini menu appears Choose "save image as" this will save the image in your hard drive. Open the control panel "Desktop Pictures" Click remove picture and then click select picture Load new wallpaper from where you saved the image on your computer Finally, simply choose "position automatically" for wallpaper.

2002 Crested Butte Scene
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